Purchase Order Financing Supports Business Growth

For product importers and exporters, resellers and distributors, day-to-day business is still very much cash-on-the-barrelhead. You must always have enough cash on hand to fulfill purchase orders for your customers or risk losing their business altogether. Purchase order financing gives you the funds you need to keep your clients happy. It also allows you to take on new and larger orders, supporting your efforts to grow your business.

Funding Your Growing Business

Production finance is one of our strengths at Gold Eagle Financial Group. We are well-experienced in structuring transactions to meet both your needs and those of your supplier. We will work with you to provide funds for work in progress and deliver letters of credit that support your import/export dealings, as well as domestic client purchases. If you are starting a business or face challenges such as poor cash flow or limited access to capital, we would love to help.

Business Benefits

With purchase order financing from Gold Eagle Financial Group, you can:

  • Expand your business and market share without giving up equity or adding to your bank debt
  • Meet larger client orders and increase profits
  • Ensure on-time fulfillment of customer orders
  • Enjoy funding that is available quickly, with flexible terms

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Purchase order financing can be the key to keeping customers happy and growing your business. Call us today for more information about how we can help you.