Take Advantage of Our Referrals and Brokers Program

Gold Eagle Financial Group welcomes all referrals and brokers, and we’re happy to help you preview or submit a transaction with us. Our Referrals and Brokers Program offers many advantages to working with us, such as:

  • Fee disclosures right up front on commitment letters and quick payment on closing
  • An ongoing, beneficial relationship that we value and nurture
  • For projects of any size, we offer outstanding commissions and referral fees on financial agreements that we fund
  • We’ll return the favor by making referrals to you for returning clients

If you’re interested in working with us, reach out today and speak with a finance consultant about our Referrals and Brokers Program.

Start Your Career With Gold Eagle Financial Group

We are always looking for talented associates and we have sales positions throughout the United States. Among the benefits you’ll receive as an associate are:

  • A company with flexible lending abilities who gives you the resources you need for funding loans quickly
  • Outstanding commissions for hard workers and a company culture that focuses on helping you succeed
  • A team whose members include highly skilled colleagues to help your clients get financed
  • As a visible company with known funding resources, you can work with us no matter where you’re located

As a salesperson for Gold Eagle, here’s what we expect you to bring to the organization:

  • Self-motivation: You know what it takes to accomplish your tasks and you do it
  • Self-confidence: You know you’re a skilled worker and are not put off by rejection
  • Organization: You can take clients step by step though your sales procedures and follow up on your own
  • Outgoing personality: You are friendly and enjoy working with colleagues and clients
  • Sense of humor: Nobody likes a stiff in a suit; you know laughter can help build client relationships

Contact Us Today

We’re always happy to speak with candidates interested in working for Gold Eagle Financial Group. For more information about a career or our Brokers and Referrals Program, contact us today.